Use Fiverr to Customize Your WordPress Blog

So you decided to start a blog.

You bought a domain name and you have a hosting account. You were even able to upload WordPress to your cPanel and now you have to build the blog.

But what if you find those tasks a little too difficult or time consuming.

This is where Fiverr can be a great help. For only $5.00, yes five bucks, you can have some one install a theme, plugins and even posts and pages.

All you need to do is let them know what plugins you want to add, or if you don’t know ask for suggestions.

As well you can either supply a theme or ask for some help letting the gig owner know what you are trying to accomplish.

You can even supply posts for the site and you can get the gig owner to add pages such as About Me, Contact, Terms of Service, etc.

This is a great way to get your blog off the ground and get your started on the journey of blogging.

Want to know more? Check out this gig at Fiverr.

Get Help with Starting Your WordPress Blog!


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