5 Ways to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business

When the online world took off for business owners and entrepreneurs, they didn’t to do anything other than post creative, well-written content to get the attention and loyalty of their followers.

That slowly evolved into other media formats such as audio (podcasts) and video that was recorded via screen capture or by the person on camera. But today, it’s taken another step in the evolution of connecting with your customers.

Marketers are now engaging live on Facebook, the biggest social hub where people check in frequently, share their lives and reach out to others who they have a rapport with.

You just have to know how to use this tool to make the most of your efforts. It can be a little intimidating your first time, but most people find they relax about it after they get the first live stream out of the way.

One way to grow your audience and build a bond with them is to offer free tips, lessons and tutorials via your Facebook live stream. People love getting something for nothing, and you can have nightly or weekly live broadcasts where you address common, bite-sized concerns. Always end with a call to action for them to sign up to your list.

A second way you can grow your business using a Facebook live stream is to provide a teaser for your product launch. Many people do this via webinars that people sign up for.

But you can have a built in audience who sees you going live even without having to manually sign up for a webinar. They can still engage with you, and you can promote your upcoming launch with some up-front value delivered through your stream.

A third way you can grow your business using your Facebook live stream is to host a Q & A session with your audience. People often can’t afford to pay a mentor for guidance, so having you show up to serve them creates good will and they’ll be more likely to purchase products from you in the future.

A fourth way to grow your business through the use of Facebook Live is to recruit affiliates and JV partners for an upcoming launch. You can tout the benefits of your product, whose list it would be right for, and give the details of the launch to prospective partners.

Lastly, you can also grow your business through Facebook live by offering perks and discounts to those who tune in and engage with you. You can create special downloads or coupon codes to your products for people who attend the live viewing. This helps with conversions, as long as you respect their time and provide value during the stream.

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