7-Step Online Marketing Money Blueprint

When you get started online, you’re going to feel overwhelmed at times because it seems like there are so many tasks to be completed. You can break each task down into many, so that you make progress and keep things organized.

Here’s a simple blueprint for launching a profitable presence online:

Step 1: Find a niche you’ll enjoy being in long-term. If you keep switching niches and abandoning it for new ideas, you’ll never gain traction. You have to build a reputation as a leader in a niche, and you do that by sustaining your momentum for the long haul.

Step 2: Set up a simple domain with a blog. Don’t overcomplicate things at first. The best way to get started is by purchasing a dot com domain with keyword relevance and installing WordPress on it.

Step 3: Start building a list on the day your blog goes live. This can serve as a hub for the information you share, but also offer a place for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or get on your list in exchange for a free opt in gift that you provide.

Step 4: Attract traffic with frequent blog posts and socialization. If you get started and then disappear, your audience won’t see you as reliable. They’ll go find another leader in the niche who is always there with new information and ideas to share.

You want to have a presence on the relevant social sites for your niche, too. See if they’re on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, YouTube and more. It’s easy to repurpose content across all of the networks at once to lessen your workload.

Step 5: Start promoting other people’s products, but carefully. Before you have your own product, you can work as an affiliate and earn a commission promoting other peoples’ existing works.

This is a fast track to income, but you can ruin your reputation if you promote anything and everything and your readers can no longer trust your recommendations. Preserve your reputation by vetting products carefully in your reviews.

Step 6: Create your own info product for sale. It’s not as daunting as it sounds. You can create narrow topic digital products or broad ones and use whatever media format you feel most comfortable with.

Don’t worry about competition. People enjoy learning the same information from a variety of sources. You’ll always have a unique style and possibly a new slant on things than your competition provides.

Step 7: Recruit affiliates and JV partners for launches. This is a way to really expand your profits online. You let affiliates do the work for you by bringing in traffic to your offer.

The key is to have a stellar product that everyone wants to promote. They won’t come knocking on your door, though you have to go recruit them. You might also consider partnering up with a Joint Venture partner for a launch between the two of you.